Those of us who have been in community oncology for a long time know that the business of oncology continues to change, especially with the emergence of integrative medicine. At VerdePharmHealth we are determined to support and service community oncology and multi-specialty practices and grow one customer at a time. We are the fastest growing Medical Cannabis GPO & Solutions company, making preferential pricing for key medical cannabis products more available for practices while adding value beyond price concomitantly. What differentiates us is our leadership and passionate commitment to leverage our capabilities to create meaningful solutions for community oncology practices and their patients.

The continued positive impact on our industry created through VerdePharmHealth (VPH) has clearly garnered recognition and respect throughout the healthcare community. For this, we are proud of our association with each member of the VerdePharmHealth GPO and Formulary Manufacturer. The promise of the successes and momentum that our partnership has achieved over the course of the past 12 months brings optimism and anticipation for 2021. We take great pride in our presence in the integrative medicine arena and are extremely pleased with our significant accomplishments of launching an educational platform, formulary portfolio, and end-to-end technology solution inclusive of decision-support and patient engagement tools.

Finally, per our commitment towards optimizing patient care, VerdePharmHealth has launched a landmark real-world evidence study across 5 of the nation’s prominent oncology cancer centers to gain immediate insight into the impact of CBD in pain reduction and opioid use. It is imperative that practices and healthcare providers are aware of VerdePharmHealth’s comprehensive capabilities and strategic initiatives, so that we can align our efforts to achieve one, universal goal: that cancer patients nationwide have access to the emerging treatments they need, along with the necessary care management tools.  Working as partners with medical grade CBD manufacturers, VPH can play an influential role in bringing the appropriate product formulations to the largest segment of community oncologists in the country.  

If you have any questions about this initiative, or if you need more information about the strategic direction of VPH, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We look forward to a pivotal year of improving patient care together!


A Note From Our Founder & CEO

Jesse Z.