VerdePharmHealth is revolutionizing the Cannabis experience
Verdepharm has partnered with medical cannabis producers to provide consistent products, and Strainprint Technologies to help build a decision-support and patient engagement platform to drive a real-world evidence dataset on contracted products.


Patients use the Free Journal App to track their cannabis use so they can log when, how much, and how well cannabis works for them.


By participating in real-world evidence studies we will all learn about which products and formulations deliver the best outcomes for each symptomology.


By collecting data about each individual product, the VerdePharmHealth Decision Support Tool (powered by Strainprint) will help healthcare providers make better-informed decisions in guiding their patients to the right products for their specific needs.

Real-World Evidence Generation

Encourage your patients to journal their medical cannabis treatment in the VerdePharm App. Your patients can download the app for free for iPhone or Android devices - A unique activation code will be provided by the physician, and this code will also be listed in the patient welcome packet.


Our manufacturers are producing consistent medical cannabis of the highest quality. The patient experience and data that is collected using this tool will further that research and continue our journey in providing our patients with the most exacting and appropriate recommendations.


Patient Monitoring

Once your patients begin to use the VerdePharm App, you will have access to their patient’s journal data through the HIPAA compliant Analytics platform for improved monitoring and care.

Product Recommendations

After we have collected sufficient data from patients regarding their experience, we will be able to initiate a data-driven product recommendation engine to help you make improved decisions for each patient.