Strain Genie is your personal cannabis DNA test


Why Strain Genie?

Our proprietary algorithm looks at over 450 biomarkers in your DNA that affect your cannabis use and health.


Get personalized insights and important warnings about how your body may or may not respond to specific cannabinoids, terpennes, strains, and products.


Know which dosages and ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes you should prioritize on your informed cannabis journey.

What can your DNA tell you about cannabis?
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Your Cannabis Health Report 
contains over 65 pages of insights!
  • General endocannabinoid health and metabolism affecting your consumption.

  • Over 16 medical categories, each with their own cannabinoid and terpene recommendations based on your risk profile.

  • Your susceptibility to over 50 medical traits that are relieved by specific cannabinoids and terpenes.

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Strain Genie Cannabis DNA Test Kit

    Here’s how this works:

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  2. Enter your VPH promo code  VPH2019 for our exclusive price $179.99

  3. Swab your cheek and return the sample (free return shipping in the USA!)