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Cannabis 101: Part One

What does cannabis do?

A Doctor's Case for Medical Cannabis

Spanish Version

Cristina SANCHEZ (Espagne) Cannabis et cancer

Cannabis 101: Part Two

Medical Cannabis and Cancer

Sean Mcallister - Cannabinoids as Antitumor Agents: Moving Toward the Clinic

A documentary short about Cannabis and Cancer

Medical Cannabis in Pain Management


2 - minute Neuroscience: CBD


2 - minute Neuroscience: THC

The Entourage Effect - David Mieri

Antitumor Effect of Cannabinoid – Based Therapies Related to Subtypes of Breast Cancer

Women’s Health and Cannabis - Panel Presentation

Analgesic Alternative: How Non-intoxicating Cannabinoids Can Relieve Pain - Debra Kimless, MD

Autism and Epilepsy: What is the Connection? - John Gaitanis, MD

Solving the Opioid Problem: The Latest Findings, Practical Solutions, and Future Directions

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