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We function as a committed partner and consultant to providers, assisting in the continued delivery of optimal patient care. 


Group Purchasing organization

The nation’s premier

Multi-Specialty Medical Cannabis GPO & physician network positioned to provide access to cannabis formulations for the patients we serve


clinical Solutions

Robust education and clinical initiatives for decision-support of prescriber-directed medical cannabis intervention across the patient journey

Specialty services

 Engage practices and patients in the successful purchase, delivery and monitoring of specialty pharmaceutical products designed to improve the clinical and economic outcomes of patients



Real-time patient and provider data solutions, driving actionable intervention and outcome insights across providers, payers and pharma

Only a partnership with VerdePharmHealth provides access to the largest segment of providers in the country. 

Whatever your specific needs are, VerdePharmHealth serves as an essential partner in your mission to provide optimal decision support for appropriate cannabis interventions to the patients who need them most.

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